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What’s Your Happiness IQ?




Especially if you're sensitive,

introverted, and/or a creative.

Your Happiness IQ + creative action =

success (aka magic).

"It was Melanie's patient, skillful questioning

that turned my life around." -Leonora S

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  • bored & disengaged with work, love or life
  • losing confidence and hope that things can get better
  • quietly self-sabotaging or self-destructing
  • ready to feel better, and reach for amazing!
"All the help you gave me really changed my life. Thank you." -JK

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How I Can Help You

Business Coaching

* introverted entrepreneurs who hate being visible, but want more clients, customers and income

* sensitive creatives who are tired of feeling like square pegs in a world of round holes

* working professionals who don't understand why they're underpaid, and under-valued and ready to change that

* smart women who are over standing on the outside of success, wishing they could achieve more

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Relationship Coaching

* you stay (way) too long in bad relationships

*you give too much of yourself away, and don't understand why you're bored, unfulfilled, or angry

* you might be really cautious about intimacy, and have a hard time feeling safe, even if you're in a relationship

* maybe you fall truly, madly, head-over-heels deeply in love very fast; and then wonder why you feel unsatisfied, or unloved

* relationships are overwhelming! it's easier to be alone

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Life Dream Fulfillment Lab

* you want to go back to school and get an advanced degree, or specialized training

* you have a book that's waiting for you to write

* you secretly wish you'd gone to art school, or could play the piano

* how does having the freedom and independence to travel the world sound?

What if you can actually have what you really want?

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