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  • worry they're not reaching their potential
  • wish they had the courage to go for what they really want
  • feel like square pegs in a world of round holes
"All the help you gave me really changed my life. Thank you." -JK

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How I Can Help You

Professional Development Business Coaching

This is for you if you're ...

- a creative entrepreneur who wants to light up the world but can't seem to reach your potential;

- a smart, talented woman who's tired of standing on the outside of success, wishing you could achieve more;

- a working professional who's underpaid, under-valued, and disrespected;

- a millennial or boomer who's bored, anxious and/or depressed and making too many destructive choices.

But you don't know why.

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Love & Relationship Coaching

Everyone deserves good love and healthy relationships.

But shy, sensitive, introverted women often doubt themselves, and settle for (way) less than amazing.

Sometimes it's hard to even know what or who you want.

Relationships can feel overwhelming.

Maybe you fall in love hard and fast and deep. Give it your all. And then look around one day, and you're unsatisfied, unfulfilled, or not even loved.

And you don't know why.

This is for you if you're tired of settling for less than who and what you want.

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Life Dream Fulfillment Lab

You've got dreams you don't really talk much about any more. Desires that won't stop whispering to you.

Maybe you have a book that's waiting for you to write.

Or you secretly wish you'd gone to art school, or could play the piano.

How does having the freedom and independence of traveling the world sound?

Do you know how precious those things are?

Do you understand how much the rest of us need you to step into your most powerful self?

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