Guess what?

the past is not your future

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Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

You’ve got big dreams and delicious plans. But until you get some relief from emotional overdrive, you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of going nowhere fast.

The good news? You can break free of the cage of emotional overwhelm and too-anxious-to-deal.

Transitions: Life, Career, Relationship

It’s so helpful to have a trusted guide who can show you how to navigate life’s inevitable changes, allowing you to emerge on the other side better than ever.

More empowered and confident, with a strong sense of self-esteem, and generally … a much more fulfilled and happier camper.

Manifest Unfinished Dreams

Those dreams and desires are yours for a reason. They’re waiting for you to remember them, to take them seriously, and for you to get on with realizing them.

The only thing (really) holding you back? Fear. We can deal with that, I promise.

More go-to expert, superpowers of mine include helping you:

heal Imposter Syndrome

develop fierce self-confidence

uplevel your self-esteem

break through self-doubt

stop self-sabotaging

tame your inner Perfectionist

free your inner Genius

make sense of crazy chaos

release shame and guilt

start a fab new chapter

heal the pain of loss

feel safe in a dangerous world

download my exclusive audio guided meditation
helping you ease anxiety & overwhelm

Happy Clients

“I needed to see a real pro. I had a LOT of problems! 

When I first started working with Melanie, I had just ended a long-time corporate career, and was ready to explore a new one that was more fulfilling. And my family situation was very complex and painful.

I was struggling with a lot of anxiety, I couldn’t relax. And I had a lot of fears, about almost everything.

Since we began working together, I feel much more peaceful and confident about being successful in a new career. I’ve learned so many strategies for dealing with my feelings! I don’t feel hijacked by them any more. And my family situation is completely different — it’s so much better. I have a whole new relationship with them.

Melanie’s gentle, wise guidance allowed me to process deeply painful issues from my childhood that I’ve never understood before.

It’s changed my life, all for the good!”

“I started working with Melanie because I was struggling with grief and anxiety, in part because of wounds brought up by the #MeToo movement.

I was also dealing with a sense of deep frustration with my work. I needed a woman’s perspective and shared experience as a different approach to healing.

I can’t thank Melanie enough for our work together. Her insight and support have been invaluable to me in my journey.

I’m moving forward, into the next  chapter of my life, feeling excited and eager at what’s opened up for me as a result of working with Melanie.

Thanks for being a creative inspiration and for being a great model for me!”

“I was scared when I first started working with Melanie. I’d never worked with a therapist or coach before. But a friend recommended her, and I’m so grateful that I called her.

I was a mess when we began! Depressed, anxious, and scared of losing a new relationship because of some health issues. Melanie helped me understand how my own thinking and behavior patterns had been making everything more difficult, and she taught me how to flip my own narrative, and change my point of view. She helped me understand my childhood and family in ways that have made a huge, positive difference for me.

For the first time in my life, I now understand that I can ask for what I want and need — I never knew that before. It’s changed everything! My relationship is great, and I have tools I can use anytime to help myself shift into a healthier, more positive, less anxious and stressed mindset. I’m not as scared as I used to be, and when I feel the fear, I know how to manage it.

Time to break free of
self-doubt and confusion,
and step into your future?