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Living From Happiness Podcast

“You’re way better than Oprah, Melanie! You’re a sophisticated, mediagenic interviewer. I always have a great time on your show.”

~Bill O’Hanlon,
guest on Oprah;
author of 35+ books;
international speaker and teacher;
founder of Solution-Focused Therapy

“Melanie is an excellent radio show host. She’s warm-hearted, thoughtful and sensitive. Melanie makes each show informative, interesting and thought provoking. I always look forward to listening to Living From Happiness. Thank you for all that you give to our community!”

~Dr. Karin Lubin,
author of “My Life Through the Seasons, A Wisdom Journal and Planner;”
Global Director and Senior Master Trainer of the Passion Test Programs

“I’ve been interviewed for several national TV and print media outlets — you’re one of the best interviewers I’ve ever experienced.”

~Doug Lynam,
author of best-selling “From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk’s Financial Guide to Becoming a Little Bit Wealthy — and Why That’s OK”

Podcast Episodes

Art & Empathy – 11/06/19

The 17-year-old political activist, passionate climate protector, Sunrise Movement and YUCCA member, spoken word poet, artist, and fabulously articulate Artemisio Romero y Carver is back in the studio. Art as an element of self-expression, the connection of art and...

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The Arts & Our Humanity – 10/30/19

Remarkable musician, educator, and all-around super cool guy, Jamey Tate, shares his thoughts on all things music. Including that, from his perspective, the arts are our connection to humanity. Recorded somewhere in French Polynesia, sailing to Moorea.   

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A Spontaneous “Yes!” – 10/16/19

What happens when we say "Yes!" to something, and it ends up being a terrific experience? Listen in to how Melanie met Andrea Heckman. Andrea is a filmmaker, photographer, author and lecturer. She earned a doctorate in anthropology and art history, and has researched...

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The National Childhood Trauma Epidemic Part 2 – 10/09/19

Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney, co-founder of the Anna, Age Eight Institute, continues the discussion regarding the national epidemic of adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, and childhood trauma. Topics include the effects of scarcity mentality, the systemic flaws...

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Social Justice, Healing & Reconciliation – 09/25/19

The fierce, fiery, passionate and articulate social justice champion, Anita Otilia Rodriguez, returns for another thought-provoking show. Anita is a painter, storyteller, award-winning author of Coyota in the Kitchen, social activist, and co-founder of the Taos...

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The Healing Arts – 09/18/19

Melissa Spamer -- licensed psychotherapist, advanced yoga trainer and teacher, licensed massage therapist AND Ayurvedic practitioner -- shares some of her in-depth wisdom and knowledge. The sacredness of the body, healing her own trauma, compassion and women's...

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