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Living From Happiness Podcast

“You’re way better than Oprah, Melanie! You’re a sophisticated, mediagenic interviewer. I always have a great time on your show.”

~Bill O’Hanlon,
guest on Oprah;
author of 35+ books;
international speaker and teacher;
founder of Solution-Focused Therapy

“Melanie is an excellent radio show host. She’s warm-hearted, thoughtful and sensitive. Melanie makes each show informative, interesting and thought provoking. I always look forward to listening to Living From Happiness. Thank you for all that you give to our community!”

~Dr. Karin Lubin,
author of “My Life Through the Seasons, A Wisdom Journal and Planner;”
Global Director and Senior Master Trainer of the Passion Test Programs

“I’ve been interviewed for several national TV and print media outlets — you’re one of the best interviewers I’ve ever experienced.”

~Doug Lynam,
author of best-selling “From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk’s Financial Guide to Becoming a Little Bit Wealthy — and Why That’s OK”

Podcast Episodes

The Power of Gratitude 09/14/20 Living From Happiness

We hear the word "gratitude" everywhere. Tossed around by all sorts of folks, in all sorts of casual ways. Today's guest, Heather Monroe, helps us understand how and why gratitude is actually a powerful force for healing and transformation. In this deep conversation,...

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This Movie Happened to Me 08/24/20 Living From Happiness

This show was recorded on the 75th anniversary of the U.S. dropping the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. GK Hunter shares a touching story detailing why he wanted to make a documentary about the meeting between Japanese survivors of the atomic bomb and American...

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Breaking the Family Script 08/17/20 Living From Happiness

George Kamana Hunter (GK Hunter) has a rich ancestral lineage, including Irish, northern European, and Mohawk. In this episode, George and Melanie talk a lot about ancestral or inherited trauma and how to begin healing. In the Forward to George's book, Healing Our...

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Stress Management 202 08/10/20 Living From Happiness

Dr. Brian Luke Seaward returns for another fun, fast-paced, captivating show, all about the consequences of our too-stressful lives and ideas about how to manage it all. Forgiveness and spontaneous remission, the fourth pillar of spirituality, and "cosmic bread...

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Stress Management 101 08/03/20 Living From Happiness

"Stress management is the open door to walk through." So says Dr. Brian Luke Seaward, an international teacher, speaker, corporate trainer, and author of tons of books on the topic. Luke is not only educated, articulate, and wise, but he's also (very) entertaining....

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The Outrage is Only Natural 07/27/20 Living From Happiness

As I was prepping this post, reflecting on the recent show with Artemisio Romero y Carver, I got curious. Curious about anger and outrage, because of something Arte said, “… the outrage is only natural.” "Is it?" I asked myself. I know lots of times these days I can...

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The Cookies Have the Answers 07/20/20 Living From Happiness

COVID carbs. That's where I'm laying the blame for the 3' I've gained since late February. I've been joking with people that all I need is another cookie, then I'll be fine. It just so happens that I made that joke on the air, to a psychologist who's an expert in food...

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Awestruck 07/06/20 Living From Happiness

Psychologist, happiness and wellbeing expert, author, and international speaker Jonah Paquette returns for another fascinating show. His first two books, Real Happiness, and The Happiness Toolbox focus on positive psychology and strategies for enhancing well-being. In...

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