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Living From Happiness Podcast

“You’re way better than Oprah, Melanie! You’re a sophisticated, mediagenic interviewer. I always have a great time on your show.”

~Bill O’Hanlon,
guest on Oprah;
author of 35+ books;
international speaker and teacher;
founder of Solution-Focused Therapy

“Melanie is an excellent radio show host. She’s warm-hearted, thoughtful and sensitive. Melanie makes each show informative, interesting and thought provoking. I always look forward to listening to Living From Happiness. Thank you for all that you give to our community!”

~Dr. Karin Lubin,
author of “My Life Through the Seasons, A Wisdom Journal and Planner;”
Global Director and Senior Master Trainer of the Passion Test Programs

“I’ve been interviewed for several national TV and print media outlets — you’re one of the best interviewers I’ve ever experienced.”

~Doug Lynam,
author of best-selling “From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk’s Financial Guide to Becoming a Little Bit Wealthy — and Why That’s OK”

Podcast Episodes

Speaking Truth to Power with Valerie Plame 08/07/19

Speaking truth to power is what this guest is known for. Valerie Plame's backstory is so powerful that a Hollywood blockbuster film was made about it, starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn (called Fair Game, the title of Plame's memoir). Former CIA covert operative,...

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“Money isn’t bad. Poverty is.” 07/31/19

"Money isn't bad. Poverty is," says Doug Lynam, author of the popular book, "From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk's Guide to Becoming a Little Bit Wealthy -- and Why That's OK." Topics include how good political systems increase wealth, wealth-creation school...

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Mindfulness Rocks! 07/24/19

Listen in as the inimitable Kate Reynolds, licensed psychotherapist and mindfulness expert, coaches Melanie through one of latest and most powerful mindfulness training tracks -- mPEAK (Mindful Performance Enhancement Awareness & Knowledge). "Mindfulness is not a...

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“Running Home” 07/17/19

Elite ultra runner, contributing editor and former managing editor at Outside Magazine, writer and author Katie Arnold discusses her critically acclaimed memoir, "Running Home." Katie's inspiring story of how she dealt with the grief of losing her father is a...

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Maya Women Changing Lives Through Art 07/10/19

Dr. Mary Littrell, author and head of the Selection Committee for the International Folk Art Market, shares stories from Guatemala and the Maya women's art collective, Multiflores. Women's empowerment through innovative art-making, the transformation of personal...

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Creating Beauty From Nothing 07/03/19

Artisans and artists around the world are often forced by circumstances of poverty and isolated geography to create beauty from nothing. This is true for many of the artists featured at the world's largest folk art market -- Santa Fe's International Folk Art Market....

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Bill O’Hanlon’s Back! 06/26/19

The inimitable Bill O'Hanlon is back in the studio talking about his adventures learning how to become a songwriter. His long and illustrious career as a psychotherapist, international speaker, author of almost 40 books can now include performing musician and...

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Catalyzing Peace & Harmony 06/19/19

Karin Lubin shares her passion for catalyzing peace & harmony on the planet through her book My Life Through the Seasons, A Wisdom Journal and Planner. In this light-hearted episode, hear about the five aspects of well being (physical, relational,...

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Financial PTSD 06/12/19

Popular guest Doug Lynam, author of From Monk to Money Manager: A Former Monk's Financial Guide to Becoming a Little Bit Wealthy -- And Why That's OK, is back in the studio talking about "financial PTSD" and lots more. His thoughtful, wise, humorous financial advice...

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