Is This You?

~~ You’re a member of the #MeToo tribe, and searching for ways to overcome the cage in which you’ve been imprisoned for so long. Click here for more.


~~ You’re a shy, sensitive, quiet, creative and/or introverted person, struggling to understand why you just can’t seem to fit all the puzzle pieces together the way everyone else can.

You’re bursting with ideas about what you want to accomplish, but can’t seem to get anything moving forward long enough to matter.

It’s just so much easier to do the same old thing, and stay small, isn’t it?


~~ You’ve been searching for your right, best place in this world for a very long time.

But where are the special, deep, real, heartfelt connections you know are possible, and can’t seem to find? 


~~ You’re not a quitter. You’ve always been strong, and resilient, and capable of dealing with everything.

But now? You’ve been brought to your knees by something you just cannot power through on your own. Not this time.

You’ve lost your much-ness … you can’t remember why it matters.


~~ You’ve been secretly holding onto a big dream for a very long time. You keep saying, “I can’t. I don’t have enough [fill in the blank]. Maybe when [fill in the blank].”

It feels like the dream is dying, and you’re close to giving up.


~~ Surprise! You’re in mid-life, supposed to know what you’re doing ’cause this isn’t your first rodeo.

So … why do you feel so unfulfilled, disrespected, and generally dis-connected from those things that matter most to you?


~~ You’ve been a working professional for several years now. You’ve established a good career doing what you loved, and you’ve been well-paid for it.

But something’s not quite right anymore. You can’t see yourself doing the same thing in five or ten years. The clock is ticking, and you have zero ideas about how to begin moving in a new direction. And it is


~~ You can’t let yourself even dream the dream … . Other people don’t seem to have trouble going big, reaching for the stars. But you?

You back away, or go sideways, or somehow end up down yet another rabbit hole that takes forever to climb out of. In the meantime, your real life — the one you’re here to live — is passing right on by.


~~ You know what you want. And you’ve been trying like a crazy person to manifest that perfect job/relationship/creative dream  forever.

But somehow, it just never seems to manifest. It’s the Eat, Pray, Love … NOW What?! syndrome.


~~ You did it! You made it through all those years of working, and raising the kids. You’re on the other side of the rest of your life. And now it’s time to settle into your most creative self. Uh-oh … now what?! What does that even mean?

Three Key Elements

In working with so many people over the years, I’ve found there are three keys to unlocking the treasure chest to that feeling of aaahhh, yes!

  • Curiosity

Curiosity, innovative ideas and creative magic are powerful tools for success and happiness.

Everyone has the ability to live from a narrative that fits who you truly are, rather than the tired, old worn-out story handed to you by family, culture, and early (sometimes painful or traumatic) experiences.

Get curious.

  • Clarity

Awareness of what you’ve been telling yourself about what is and isn’t possible, what’s been happening (or not), what you deserve (or not), opens the door onto the gorgeous landscape of what’s actually possible.

It can save years of misguided effort when you work with a psychologist-trained mentor who knows how to access those subconscious thoughts and beliefs that can hold you hostage.

Use the clarity as rocket fuel.

  • Creative Action

Creative action taken with conscious awareness of what’s possible — and what’s true for you — is the path forward

‘Cause when all the cows have come home, success or failure is about the action you take on behalf of your own sweet self and your sacred longings and desires.

What It Takes

Success in any endeavor is best built on the foundation of happiness. At least, that’s what the latest research shows.

An integrated mentoring program that weaves together:

  • body/mind/spirit,
  • emotional health and well-being,
  • along with solid creative action strategies = success.

This is oftentimes complex stuff that needs gentle, safe tending. It’s good, and sweet, to move through these things with a trained, seasoned professional.

When these pieces are in place, a change that can feel utterly overwhelming on your own can become an exciting time of blowing that too-tiny box wide open, and achieving remarkable progress.

Is This You?

This approach works well if you:

  • understand that everything is “figurable-outable,” but sometimes you need some help figuring it out;
  • are willing to use your curiosity and creativity to do things a little bit differently;
  • accept that, sometimes, the most important investment you can make is yourself;
  • want your life to feel rich with happiness and joy and abundance, rather than struggle and loneliness and fear.

If you’re ready for clarity, commitment and action, click here.