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Happiness and Meditation: Simple Mindful Basics

Happiness and meditation are two powerful tools for self-esteem and self-confidence. But sometimes, it's hard to find simple mindful basics. The whole mindfulness thing can seem a little ... confusing, at best. One of the reasons for this is because mindful awareness...

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Happiness and Success: Why Your Story Matters

When I was a child, my sisters and brother and I ran wild and free over the land my grandparents took care of. Almost 3,000 isolated acres, inland of San Diego, CA, bordering Mexico, we were the only ones there. Heaven indeed! Practically penniless, usually barefoot,...

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Can You Hear It? Mindful Awareness = Deep Listening

I live in Santa Fe, which has long been home to a beloved independent bookstore, The Ark. The owner, Michael, and I were talking one day. As I thanked him for having created such a wonderful place, he smiled, and asked me, "Want to know my secret?" I waited. "Love."...

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Why Mindfulness Isn’t For You

Surprise! Mindful awareness isn’t for everyone. First, being mindful quietly asks something of you. And it doesn’t appear to offer very much in return, at least not right away. It asks that you slow down, and step off the carousel of external life — all those...

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Increase Self-Esteem … Yes, You Can

Struggling with low self-esteem can be such an invisible problem! So many people who look like they’ve got it all together — good relationships, satisfying jobs, easy lives — actually suffer from low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can keep you from ... well, everything....

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What’s Your Story About Stress?

The good news?  You actually need stress to stay fully vital and alive. Stress can be your friend. You can use the natural stress you feel when you start planning your next campaign for reaching those stars. The not-so-good news? If you’re telling yourself an...

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Success Story-Rejection, Dejection, Desperation

I don’t care how powerful, rich, gorgeous, intelligent and/or whole-hearted you are. You’ve felt it. That sharp edge of rejection, the one that cuts deep into your soft underbelly. He’s a What?! So who would go looking for rejection? Jia Jiang, originally from Bejing,...

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Happiness & Fear! Jon Morrow = Saber-Toothed Tiger

Fear! Fear! Fear! Jon Morrow just started Following me on Twitter! High alert! Where can I hide? What do I do now?! Now, Jon Morrow is one my heroes, for many reasons. Hugely successful in overcoming ridiculously challenging circumstances. Freely sharing hard-won...

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