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Things I Love

Books I Love Bastard Out of Carolina, by Dorothy Allison I read this when it was first published in '92. It seemed as though the young protagonist of this semi-autobiographical novel was speaking for me. The power of story, written in such a masterly style, helped...

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Happiness Land

When you’re struggling with a life change, or making a transition — feeling confused and discouraged and disheartened — I've found five principles that can really transform challenging experiences into something meaningful. 1.  Time and time again, old core beliefs...

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For Women Who Are Miserable At Work

Jane was one of the millions of women who are miserable at work. She's an intelligent woman who’d been successful in her corporate career. She’d made steady advances in the workplace, and was well paid, with lots of benefits and plenty of vacation time. So why was she...

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Happiness and Terrible, Horrible, Etc. Changes

What if you need to make a change? One that’s terrible, horrible, no good, etc? Maybe the change is something that scares you so much you start hyperventilating just thinking about getting ready to do it. Or, it’s such a terrible and horrible change that you can’t...

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Are You Too Sensitive?

Women & depression ... it's such a complex issue. And there can be hidden triggers lurking underneath the surface, causing the depression. It's complicated, in part, because ... there are several different types of depression; it can mimic other conditions;...

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Depression: How to Help Someone You Love

I've had a lot of personal experience with this one. I love someone, a close family member, who struggles mightily with Bipolar Disorder Type I. And two other family members have suffered with serious depression, as well. Full disclosure: there've been times when I've...

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Happiness Isn’t a Luxury. It’s a Necessity.

Happiness isn't a luxury. It's a necessity. You can't do one danged thing for anyone else when you're in despair, or feeling hopeless. Taking a wild guess here ... you're not on the planet to be miserable. You're not here to drag yourself through each day. Are you?...

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