Let’s Talk About

Unfinished Dreams

and learning how to fly

You’ve got unfinished dreams waiting for you, tapping their feet a li’l impatiently.

I’m an introverted, sensitive, fiercely passionate, creative psychologist-trained transformational coach.

I can help you:

  • understand how your thoughts, emotions and actions are holding you back;
  • own your gifts, abilities, strengths and talents;
  • break free of the cage of self-sabotage, self-doubt, and low self-confidence;
  • step into your future.

Inner Quiet for Outer Confidence

15-minute guided meditation to ease anxiety and overwhelm

Guess what? Adventure and magic are calling you.
There’s a lot of it, dancing all around you.

And here’s the thing … we need you.

We need you to sing your song, dance your dance, be in a powerful relationship with yourself and the world.

We need you to come outside and be messy and brave and terrified … right alongside the rest of us.

These are transformational times, my friend. We can’t sit on the sidelines watching and wishing we could do something.

Those of us willing to step into our power, put on our superhero capes and fab protective bracelets and sequined gold evening gowns or old, faded jeans covered in paint and a t-shirt with no bra … we’re it.

I’ll help. Let’s go.⠀

Hugs all around,


P. S. Doing deep work such as this requires a seasoned professional who’s been around the block a couple of times.

The cherry on top of the cake of all my degrees and trainings is that I was a child of sexual trauma, and went through a boatload of stupid, ignorant, innocent mistakes as a result.

I get it, that bad things happen.

And I really get it that the magic and adventure of living a rich, full life never disappears.

Here’s a list of some of my education and training.

  • Ph.D. Interdisciplinary/The Psychology of Creativity, with a focus on the synergy of art and healing, The Union Institute and University
  • Master’s Clinical Psychology, Regis University, Denver
  • MBSR training certificate (mindfulness based stress reduction) with Michelle du Val, Albuquerque
  • Tibetan Buddhism, meditation study and training with Dr. Reginald Ray, Boulder CO, and Hindu spiritual teacher, Amma

Happy Clients

“I’ve worked with a lot of therapists and coaches. No one has ever given me as much as you have!

I’m learning great tools for dealing with life, and I’m happy, and excited to be moving ahead.

You go above and beyond what anyone else has ever done for me. Thank you for your compassion.”

The tools and resources Melanie shared with me facilitated profound emotional awareness and healing. Each day I find myself awakening to the woman I want to be and to create the life I want to have. 

During our work together, Melanie was a blessing in helping me deal with an unexpected and devastating trauma. Thank you for everything, Melanie! I have a thousand more wonderful things to say about you :-).”

“I’m doing really well. I can breathe again. My anxiety is down and I am much more at peace – at ease with myself.

No more panic attacks! I’m writing and making art.

Thank you for all your help and launching me into the stratosphere!!! In gratitude.”


Over the years, I’ve gathered an innovative bag full of strategies from CBT/DBT, mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity, spirituality and positive psychology that changes peoples’ lives in big ways.

Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

You’ve got big dreams and delicious plans. But until you get some relief from emotional overdrive, you’re stuck in a vicious cycle.

You can make some pretty bad choices, like hurting people you love. Or missing great opportunities. Or feeling sad, angry, and defeated too much of the time.

The good news? You can break free of the cage of emotional overwhelm and too-anxious-to-deal. You can make those unfinished dreams a reality.

Transitions: Life, Career, Relationship

The only constant thing in life is change. Bummer?? Doesn’t have to be.

It’s so helpful to have a trusted guide who can show you how to navigate life’s inevitable changes, allowing you to emerge on the other side better than ever.

More empowered and confident, with a strong sense of self-esteem, and generally … a much more fulfilled and happier camper.

Manifest Unfinished Dreams

So many strong, sensitive, passionate women lose hold of their dreams as they work to establish careers, navigate the sometimes rocky road of relationships, have children.

But those dreams and desires are yours for a reason. They’ve been waiting for you to remember them, to take them seriously, and for you to get on with realizing them.

Whether you’ve sort-of forgotten about them, or given up, or been trying and trying but mostly going sideways or falling down rabbit holes … you can break the patterns of self-sabotage that are keeping you stuck, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied.

Time to break free of
self-doubt and confusion,
and step into your future?